I've been working hard over the past couple months to port Slackware to ARMv6 so that slackers can have a hard float distro on the Raspberry Pi. This port is based on the work of Alien Bob, who has ported Slackware to ARMv7. You can read more about his project on his blog, here, and download his port here.

The files for my ARMv6 port can be downloaded here

It may be easiest to pull the packages with rsync, via the following command: 'rsync -Pavv ahau.porteus.org::slackware-armv6/slackware .' Don't leave out the trailing period, it's part of the command.

More instructions, etc., will be posted here as I continue updating and improving this project.

Note that the kde folder is presently empty. I've not begun compiling KDE yet, but will get to it in time, as I would like to get plasma active running for touch screen devices.

I'd like to thank Alien Bob (Eric Hameleers) for all his efforts in porting Slackware to ARMv7 - without his work and guidance, my ARMv6 port would have taken much longer to complete (in fact, I may have given up on it). I'd also like to thank the Porteus Development Team for hosting this project and teaching me pretty much everything I know about Linux. This also would not be possible without the efforts of Patrick Volkerding and Stuart Winter.

You can reach me via email, at ahau -at- porteus -dot- org.